Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Kissinger Connection

To whom it may concern,

As a relatively young politician on the national scene, President Obama has had to reach out to all sorts of political pundits in order to legitimize his experience and record. This was illustrated by his selection of Vice President Joe Biden. It is also seen in his Cabinet selections and various appointments. But one troubling confidante is former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger. Now, I can understand how someone could not say "no" to such a political heavyweight. However, even after 30 years of direct involvement in US foreign policy, how can this administration listen to the advice of a man who escalated the Vietnam War, was involved in Operation Condor in South America, and as recently as the previous administration contributed to the buildup of the Iraq War? The policies of Kissinger are those of constant US intervention across the globe. We are spread thin as is, and the political clout of a new President ultimately fades with time. The United States must seek to solidify its independence from not increase its dependence on the rest of the world during these tumultuous economic and geo-political times. As a consultant, what type of advice does Henry Kissinger offer to this administration, and how does it influence policy?



  1. An excellent question that will probably NOT be answered voluntarily any time soon...

  2. because Obama was sponsored by Kissinger's contacts and is there to do their bidding, history will prove that Obama is a more socially acceptable Bush. Your democracy is as democratic and "fair" as pro-wrestling, it's all about money stoopid!

  3. not money - this is wrong because of the wealth of the elites is outside of even the Forbes top 500. Money is a tool by the Committee of 300 to enslave the global populations. The committee's soul aim is to sustain it's own family descendents and consume everybody else like cattle.